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Misu will be holding an Easter event up at Brodina for our students - the advert has just gone out, and already we’ve had a cluster of sign-ups!  He’s hoping for about 20, and for the young people themselves to lead the presentations on the theme of What Does Easter Mean To Me?  Bear in mind, they represent a variety of beliefs!

We won’t be there for those 2 or 3 days, but will visit a couple of weeks later to spend some time with Misu and Livia.  The challenge for this year is to secure the long term viability for Hannah, and to make sure that Misu and Livia themselves have enough to live on!  The only way to achieve this is for Hannah itself to become self-sustaining, and we’ve been discussing that in some detail over the last month.

Meanwhile, we’re gathering our thoughts for the Summer Conference, and posting some discussion starters on Facebook.  We’ve had a good response to those so far, and it’s so encouraging to see the young people engaging with a selection of important ideas.

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