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Newsletter -

February 2019

newsletter The Cascaid Trust, Registered Charity No. 1056398, Co Ltd by Guarantee No. 3182828  Reg Office  20 Merchiston Road London SE6 1SH

It’s currently warmed up somewhat in the mountains, although they have had heavy snowfall earlier in the month.  And Misu and Livia have an action-packed year in prospect, as always!  

They’re making a concerted push to get the site fully up to scratch to obtain official authorisation this year.  This is a good thing in itself, and it will also make it easier to run the activities, and to charge a reasonable fee to cover their expenses.  So in the first instance, Misu is making the wooden furniture so that all the rooms have a full complement, but there are various other jobs to tick off too.

The plan this year includes 5 camps, and for 3 of these they will be able to charge a fee sufficient to cover the 2 children’s camps as well.   The paid-for camps include a week for the refugees billeted in Radauti, sponsored by a local charity, and a film camp for some budding media types from Bucharest. Then there is an “Alternative Week” for one of the schools again - this is something the Romanian schools offer each year, and last year for the first time, one class spent the week at Brodina.

In addition there are various weekend plans, including a mini-conference, and something too for the Catholic charity who work with disadvantaged children.

And of course our own Summer Conference in August, the theme for this year being “Alienation”.

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