We’ve just held our 3rd mini-conference on Zoom, which went very well.  As always, it was lovely to see our young friends, and some at least are certainly keen to keep these events going.  It’s also a great chance to see Misu - unbelievably it had been snowing again earlier in the week, up at the Brodina site, although Spring has got back into gear again now!

Using the facilities of Zoom (which I’m slowly getting to grips with!), we’re able to use PowerPoints and videos, and - crucially - break down into small groups for discussion.  These worked very well indeed, with lots of engagement.

It was encouraging to see some of our slightly older young friends returning this time :  one of the upsides of having to host the events online, is that people can join in from wherever they are.

Although there were a few less participants this time, the consensus was that we should press on with these mini-conferences, all the time that the ideas keep flowing.  So I shall start putting together some materials over the next couple of weeks, with a view to hosting the next one towards the end of June.  Some of our students will be having exams by then, so we need to try to work around that.

We also have an eye out for our Summer Conference, booked in for the end of August.  No-one knows at this stage if we’ll be able to travel abroad by then, so it’s possible we may have to run the Summer Conference online too!  That would be a shame, but we can only do what we can do.

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