We have another mini-conference coming up from 3-5 April - I have been organising this remotely, but as with the last 2 mini-conferences (April and November last year), our Romanian students will run the weekend entirely themselves.  They will be picking up on recent themes on how to find one’s way through life, and it’s very exciting that they can develop these ideas for themselves.  

There has been lots of interest, with the conference rapidly becoming fully booked!  We also have 4 or 5 brave souls signed up to give presentations, but as always, the big emphasis will be on discussion.  Some of our friends who’ve recently started at University (mostly Iasi) will come back for the weekend, and the rest are students at the various high schools in Radauti - many bringing their friends along for a first taste of these events!

In other news, Misu and Livia have further cut their ties with the town of Radauti, having sold their old house there, which they haven’t lived in several years.  Instead, they have bought a house in Brodina village, at the bottom of the hill.  Both this house and the Conference facility up the hill are now available on Airbnb  (the latter only out of conference season of course)  :  book your this year’s holiday here !  Highly recommended if you want to get away from it all, and you can fly direct to Suceava, which is only about 2 hours drive away.

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